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Share Your More Meaningful Moments

Our lives are made up of millions of moments. A handful of them are sacred. Some of them are insignificant, but so many of them are meaningful. These moments come together to make us who we are and create our story. We invite you to share your photos, stories and meaningful moments with us. We will compile these stories and photos to share on our website and on Facebook. 

Peaceful Beauty

All Meaningful Moments

While away at college, my Nana’s health quickly declined as her battle with Alzheimer’s and dementia progressed. I will forever be grateful for the five days and four nights I was able to spend with her at Hospice of Davidson County. While she was unresponsive during her time at the Hinkle Hospice House, being by her side continuously during her last days alleviated my guilt of being away during school – even though I knew she wouldn’t have it any other way. During her last days we shared much more than one meaningful moment…there were dozens. The most meaningful was waking up with the sudden urge and need to be directly by her side holding her hand. As I grabbed her hand, I began counting resperations, or breaths, which I noticed Lynn or Preston doing over the last few days; one… two… three – that was all, but those three moments mean everything now.

Hospice Vet

For his entire adult life, my father refused to discuss his service in the Korean War. But, when a Veteran hospice volunteer came to visit, my father spoke effusively about his experiences and was able to resolve his contrition. Receiving a visit from a fellow Veteran was a gift to us all.

A Memorable Gift

This picture was taken exactly one week before my husband passed away. It was just a few days before Hospice Home Care stepped in. David convinced my best friends to join forces to take him to get me a birthday card and gift completely unknown to me. It took all the strength and energy he could muster. They gave me the card and gift on my Birthday, 3 days after he passed. The picture is out of focus but it is the most beautiful picture in the world to me. That man ALWAYS put my happiness ahead of himself even while climbing the stairs to heaven.

Mom's Hands

One afternoon, I walked into my mom’s room at the Hospice House to see her resting with her hands in prayer position. I’d often find my mother in prayer when I was growing up. She was strong in her faith, so seeing this in her final days was true to her character.

Time to Reflect, Remember & Grieve

Making Moments Count

We hiked and camped the Appalachian trail that summer. He was battling metastatic cancer with a chemotherapy infusion attached on his hip. We were so content living in the moment on the side of the mountain. He was making every moment count with us. In a year’s time, we would be at home with hospice saying goodbye to the strongest man we will ever know.

We Are All Human

What she said that day that I will never forget was: Be kind to each other, forgive each other, love one another. We are all human beings and we are here (meaning on earth) for such a very short time.
– Ursula S. Thacker, April 9, 2015

Friends Forever

Many times we do not realize meaningful moments are happening right before our eyes. My best friend of more 20 years was handed a terminal diagnosis, looked to me and said “I’m going to die”. My words to her were “We are all going to die, we just don’t always know how or when”. From that moment on we spent the next 47 days planning, talking, laughing, crying and reminiscing over more than 20 years of memories. Those are moments that I cherish still and will never let leave my memories. I have taken that experience and kept true to a promise I made to her to find a way to make a difference in the lives of others and always keep her memory alive.

Special Anniversary

Thanks to the support of Hinkle Hospice House staff, my parents were able to celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary with great fanfare. I have fond memories of them enjoying their cake and champagne while Tony Bennett crooned in the background. Pictured here, they are looking at their wedding album and sharing favorite memories from the 50’s.

Tucker and Mom

One of my favorite memories of my mom was coming home from the grocery store on Saturday afternoon and looking out my window to see she and my son having a great discussion. I watched them silently for 20 minutes and loved seeing every animated moment between them as they shared juice boxes and discussed super heroes.