Hospice Heroes

Right now, our Hospice of Davidson County Healthcare workers are on the front lines of managing the care of those who need end-of-life care. They are doing it with the threat of the COVID-19 virus being very real.

These Hospice Heroes are potentially putting themselves in harm’s way to ensure every patient is receiving the care he or she needs.

We are so proud and extremely grateful for our care providers and all of our compassionate employees at this time of crisis. But we also realize the care and support teams here make up just a fraction of the healthcare workers around the world that are helping battle this worldwide pandemic.

Please take just a moment to send a THANK YOU, or a simple note of encouragement to all of the members of our team and healthcare workers.

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Messages of Gratitude to Our Hospice Heroes

This has been a trying time of uncertainty for our country, state, and county during the Covid19 pandemic response. I want to thank everyone at HODC for your resilience and unwavering dedication that has been shown to our patients and their families during this time. It is truly remarkable what you all have accomplished and all the planning that has been put into place to keep our patients and each other safe over the last few weeks.  The community outreach and support has been outstanding and the entire county is behind you.  Please continue to stay positive, focused, innovative, and patient-centered.  We will get through this together.  Now is the time when the community is looking to healthcare organizations to provide sound leadership and courage in the face of a healthcare crisis. The implementation of Tap Cloud was truly innovative and has enabled the organization to convert to virtual visits where possible as many other healthcare organizations across the country have done. It is each of you working together daily that makes HODC so special to so many people. Thank you for all you do daily to provide truly world class care to our patients!

– Daniel James, Chair Hospice of Davidson County
Board of Directors

Many times I have expressed the gratitude I have for our Hospice Nurses. Especially now during the Covid-19 pandemic, I see the dedication and love that the nurses have for our patients and families. We are proud of our Covid-19 Team! You all are such a blessing to the Davidson County Community. Thank you for all that you do! Sincerely—Debbie Fanary, Hospice Board Membe

Debbie Fanary, Hospice of Davidson County Board Member

A sincere thank you for those who are putting themselves at risk during this pandemic. It is humbling to witness your selfless service to our community and our patients. We deeply appreciate our Hospice Heroes!

– Jackie Ireland, Community Engagement Manager,
Hospice of Davidson County

Shout out to my friend Anette Woods, RN at Hinkle Hospice House! Your patients and their families are blessed to have one of the most compassionate and caring nurses I know!

– Pam Carroll, Denton

Kimmy is an amazing person. Many of her patients I used to speak with called her an angel. She is so caring, and goes beyond her duty to be sure her patients have the best care. THANK YOU from me and from all of them.

Eunice Myers

In the face of COIVD-19, we are reminded of the importance of living well up until the moment we depart this earth. The Hospice of Davidson County staff ensures a meaningful and supportive end-of-life experience for both patients and caregivers.

Due to the expertise and compassion offered by the Hospice of Davidson County  staff, our family was given love, hope, and healing while under their care. For that, and many more reasons, they remain my Hospice Heroes. Thank you!

– Laura Owen, CEO, Hospice of Davidson County

I have always said the people who work at Hospice are “God’s angels ” here on earth. They are always so friendly and compassionate. Now more than ever during this pandemic they truly are showing their love and care for others. May God bless each one of you as you continue to serve others who are in need of your services

– Judy Greer-Stewart, Lexington

Thank you for all that you do to assist families with a terminal illness and for the sincerity, care and comfort you bring to our patients and their families.

– Makeba Gregg, Hospice of Davidson County Board Member

I want to thank everyone with Hospice of Davidson County for the compassion and courage to do what’s right for its patients. To have employees volunteer to take care of potential Covid-19 patients is a testament to the organization, as well as leadership to be fully supportive, shows how special Hospice of Davidson County is throughout the organization.

– Ken Hall, Hospice of Davidson County
VP Board of Directors

The unwavering support shown by the clinical staff of Hospice of Davidson County has been so inspiring! Your commitment to continuing the highest quality of care during these unprecedented times shows your true character. You are all so amazing!

– Charla Darr, Hospice of Davidson County
Community Relations Coordinator

Thank you so much for the sacrifice you make by being on the front lines with your patients. Your dedication and love for people is to be highly acknowledged. Again thank you.

– Letha Holbert, Thomasville

Awesome angels serving an AWESOME GOD! Thank you for your loving care in such a heart wrenching time in peoples lives.

– Pam Forrest, Lexington

My heart and Love go out to you who serve those who can not serve themselves…
I see and hear the works of Love,
I glaze at the amount of labor that is involved.
I see the mighty sacrifice,
and I have Peace knowing someone cares………God Bless you all

– Donnie McBride, Lexington