Comprehensive Campaign

Campaign Purpose

Hospice of Davidson County’s commitment is to provide a serene, spiritual, and caring environment enabling patients and families to experience a supported death while providing more meaningful moments for all. We envision a community where each resident has access to comfort and dignity at end-of-life, and resources for their families to process through grief. The More Meaningful Moments campaign to help continue our efforts in supporting everyone in the communities we serve.

Hospice of Davidson County has cared for thousands in our community in a variety of settings including the Hinkle Hospice House, private residences, nursing facilities, as well as family care through grief support programs.

Why You and Why Now?

Over the next decade, it is projected that the population of residents over the age of 65 in Davidson County will increase by 23%. With your help and support, together, we will prepare for the growing demands for care in our community.

Through our comprehensive campaign, your donations to Hospice of Davidson County are laying the groundwork to meet the growing needs of our community.

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HODC 365 x 3 Challenge

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Campaign Objectives

The healthcare landscape is rapidly changing. There are frequent changes to reimbursements from Medicare, Medicaid and health insurance companies. We continue to see a reduction in reimbursements. This means that Hospice of Davidson County does not have the resources to add programs and services without donor support.

We continue to deliver the high-quality, compassionate care upon which we were founded. With your help and support, we are poised and ready to embrace the future so that we can continue to provide exceptional end-of-life care for decades to come.

The goals of the campaign are simple – to create More Meaningful Moments for our patients and their families while meeting the growing need for Hospice Care in our community. The following are identified campaign priorities:

  • Enhance Patient Care ($850,000)
    Hospice of Davidson County has served more than 2,100 patients and families in the Henry Etta and Bruce Hinkle Hospice House since its opening in 2009. Each year, we have more than 7,000 visitors. Care and hospitality for so many have caused deterioration of furniture, equipment and living spaces. We also recognize the need to provide more private consultation and gathering spaces for family members. To continue offering a welcoming, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment we need to update furniture, equipment and refresh the interior spaces.

    We are dedicated to having every encounter with our caring staff be compassionate, efficient and timely for our patients and families. An investment in technology to implement a new Electronic Medical Records system will allow our team members to have the most accurate and up-to-date patient information. This change will enable us to provide the best possible customer service experience for those we serve.

  • Expand Services ($225,000)

    Children with terminal illnesses most often spend their final days in major academic center hospitals, although many families wish to return home to experience a comfortable, supported and peaceful end-of-life journey. Some of these families call Davidson County home. It is important that the families of dying children be offered the opportunity to remain in their home community and be cared for by a highly skilled and compassionate care team. These pediatric patients and families need and deserve expert care from an interdisciplinary team and robust grief support services.

    Hospice of Davidson County is committed to meet this community need. To accomplish this, an investment in staff education, equipment, and room furnishings is required to provide exceptional care to these special children with unique medical needs.

  • Provide a Place for Reflection ($225,000)

    Gardens provide a place of refuge and promote emotional healing for patients, families, and staff.  We recognize and honor the natural beauty that is offered on the Hospice of Davidson County campus which offers the benefits of reducing stress, relieving physical symptoms for patients and improving overall well-being. Oftentimes, we see family members seeking a serene and peaceful space for reflection and meditation. There are many proven benefits to therapeutic gardens and it is our desire to provide one for our community.

  • Ensure Stable Growth ($1,000,000)

    We need to be equipped to meet the growing needs of Davidson County’s aging population. To help sustain the top quality programs and services we provide for residents of our community, we must be adequately prepared for managed growth by building reserve funds. Planned giving, through future gifts, will provide an opportunity for families to build a legacy and demonstrate their commitment to Hospice of Davidson County while strengthening the financial foundation of the organization.

Naming Opportunities

We are appreciative of donations at all levels. If you wish to leave a legacy for yourself, your family, or honor a loved one, we have several naming opportunities available that will have tremendous impact on the lives of many throughout the community for generations to come.

The Serenity Garden

Designed to be a year-round, restorative experience, and an enduring symbol of the cycle of life, the Serenity Garden will grow to be a living landmark that will stand as a testament to the unique role Hospice serves in Davidson County. Over time, its existence will reinforce a holistic approach to the care for those at the end-of-life, their loved ones and our community. It will enable us to expand our current programming, grief support services, and more. The Garden will also be a gift to the community, an open gathering place for groups, families and individuals to enjoy for celebrations, programming and culture. It will serve as a place that will lift spirits, provide healing and impact lives for generations to come.

Garden Naming Opportunities

Entire Serenity Garden $125,000

  • 1. Large Arbor Room Waterfall Sculpture ($35,000)
    A substantial sculptural work of concrete, steel, stone and glass measuring an impressive 16′ wide, 8′ high and 2.5′ deep, providing a stunning backdrop for the Large Arbor Room.
  • 2. West Café Patio Arbor ($35,000)
    A formal arbor spans the existing spacious 16′ x 32′ concrete patio. It adjoins the Café Patio Arbor Entrances (see #3 below) and is covered in wisteria vines that provide shading.
  • 3. Café Arbor Entrances (2 @ $10,000 each)
    Each 8′ x 10′ Café Patio Arbor Entrance to the patio is defined in a formal and sculptural arch that supports the large Café Patio Arbor.
  • 4. Pathway Water Feature/Sculpture ($15,000)
    At the Y-juncture of the pathway corridor is a significant sculptural work of concrete, stone, plants and flowing water measuring approximately 3′ x 5′. Constructed low to the ground, a stream of water flows from this feature into the garden.
  • 6. Large Arbor Room ($25,000)
    A spacious room provides an area for a pair of garden benches as well as a reinforced steel arbor enclosure covered with entwining wisteria vines. It accommodates groups of four to six people and offers a gathering space for meditation or fellowship.
  • 7. Garden South Entrance Gateway ($5,000)
    This gateway into the garden connects to the Garden Pergola Corridor and is accessible from the parking area farthest from the Hinkle Hospice House. This formal and sculptural arch mirrors those that anchor the Café Patio Arbor.
  • 8-9. Custom Commissioned Sculptures (14 @ $5,000 – $20,000)
    The plan includes commissioned sculptures of steel and concrete prepared in accordance with a catalog of possibilities, but with the patron’s participation. Each sculpture will be placed in the healing garden at key locations along the pathways. Design complexity and size may impact the gift amount.
  • 10. Garden Pergola Corridor ($5,000)
    This feature connects the four arbor rooms and follows the corridor overhead. It embraces the observer as they move down the path to wander, seek a place to sit and meditate, or join in fellowship.
  • 11. Small Arbor Rooms (3 @ $10,000 each)
    The master plan calls for three intimate seating areas designed for meditation or fellowship. Each will include seating positioned under a custom-crafted arbor of reinforced steel and entwining wisteria vines. Viewable from these “rooms” are colorful plantings and custom sculpture.
  • 12. West Café Patio Water Feature ($5,000)
    This feature measure 10’W x 2’D x 8’H and is a focal point of the West Café Patio Arbor. Constructed of concrete and steel and lit from the overhead arbor, the water feature will be positioned along the wall at the north end of the patio.
  • 13. Tribute Benches (3 @ $2,500 each)/Tribute seating (single chairs) (3 @ $1,000 each)
    Nestled within the garden are benches offering opportunities to rest, meditate or converse with others. Single benches are located within each of the three Small Arbor Rooms, a pair of benches are in the Large Arbor Room and one is placed in the Gordon & Nancy Wright Rose Garden.
  • 14. Petals in Waterfall Sculpture (20 @ $500 each)
    These individually crafted petals will vary in size, texture and color. As found in nature, each will vary from approximately 4″ to 8″ long and 3″ to 6″ wide.
  • 15. Sculpted Planters (2 @ $500 each)
    These sculpted planters will frame the entrance of the Café doors and provide the setting for seasonal plantings.
  • 16. Legacies of Love (19 @ $250 each)
    On the walls surrounding the West Café Patio Water Feature, Legacies of Love provides opportunities for memorial and honorary gifts to remember and recognize loved ones.

Help Us To Create More Meaningful Moments

Thank you for being a part of our story through your support, advocacy and prayers. With your help and commitment, we are poised and ready to embrace the future so that we can continue to provide exceptional end-of-life care and foster opportunities for more meaningful moments for those we serve for decades to come.

To be a part of this campaign, contact the Community Relations Team at 336.475.5444 or