Annual Report

As a non-profit, community service agency, Hospice of Davidson County partners with the communities we serve to ensure the fulfillment of our mission of providing compassionate end-of-life care for all.

Each year, we report to the public about our previous fiscal year — our stewardship of financial resources and charitable contributions, our programs and accomplishments, and our vision and hopes for our agency’s future. We also acknowledge many of the individuals and businesses that provide charitable support for our programs and services.

We typically create an in-depth printed piece to report this information, but in an effort to conserve resources and be good stewards of the donations entrusted to us, we have chosen to present our 2019 Annual Impact Report on this page. To view our annual report summary, click here.

An Open Letter to the Davidson County Community

For all of us, 2020 was life-defining. As we look back, many of us now view this time in terms of “life before” and “life after” the pandemic. Conversely, at Hospice of Davidson County, we chose to view our new world and the added challenges brought on by the pandemic as “life with.” There was never a question about the agency sustaining services for the community. It simply became a question of how we would do so without fail.

Immediately following the first Davidson County Health Department debrief, agency leadership formed an internal Corona-Virus Response Team. The GAP Team, so named for our commitment to sustain services with Gratitude, Appreciation, and a Positive attitude, immediately began developing strategies to protect our patients, families, and staff. The committee’s work continues as we monitor pandemic factors that have procedural impact.

Throughout 2020, our mission did not waiver from our commitment to care for our community’s most vulnerable, regardless of diagnosis, and provide additional programming supports for caregivers and staff who were experiencing traumatic and multiple losses. At the onset of the pandemic, Hospice of Davidson County was just one of three providers in the state of North Carolina accepting known COVID-9 patients.

In other quality measures, and for the sixth year in a row, our agency was recognized on a national level by HEALTHCAREfirst Inc., which is the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services quality rating contractor. As a
Hospice Honors recipient, we were given high performance standards on 24 quality measures. We also continue to maintain quality programming status with the National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) and the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC.)

In other successes, it was fortuitous that in late fall 2019, HODC implemented a telehealth platform, TapCloud.

At the onset of the pandemic, patients and families in all care programs had access to remote visitation in addition to in-person visits. Due to pre-pandemic training, staff was ready to facilitate visits which became even more meaningful due to growing social isolation. In operations, communications transitioned to Microsoft Teams to support remote work and back-office functions, moved to cloud-based platforms.

Despite pandemic factors impacting family and community resources, staff turnover remained below 10% for the year. At this writing, none of our staff contracted the virus from direct patient care or from each other.

As the challenges of 2020 continue into the current year, we face them with optimism and hope. Our shared experience has taught us that collectively, our teams have the resiliency needed to continue our work and, with your support, we have the resources to provide exceptional care for our community.

Stay well in mind, body, and spirit!

Laura Owen                            
Chief Executive Officer

The following lists the individuals and organizations that supported us with their generosity in 2020, and our gratitude to all who donated is incalculable.

If you would like to donate to us now, please click here.

2020 Founder’s Circle:
$1,000+ Individual Donors

Mr. Ervin Allen Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Amos
Mr. and Mrs. Don Ayers
Mr. Chris Barnhill
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny S. Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Don Bishop
Dr. & Mrs. James F Black
Mr. & Mrs. Brent Blair
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bonnett
Mr. Phillip Bryant
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Byerly
Ms. Alma Carlton
Mr. and Mrs. Dill Cecil
Mr. Kenneth Dees
Mrs. Sara DeLapp
Mr. James M. Dillon
Mr. Michael Dillon
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Distler
Mr. and Mrs. David Dunn
Ms Patty Fayne
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Green
Mr. and Mrs. F. Wayne Gregg
Ms. Gail Harris
Dr. and Mrs. Sam Harris
Mrs. Camille Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hodges
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Hubbard
Mr. James G. Hudson Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. V. W. Lamoureaux Jr.
Mr. Robert Lowe
Mrs. Nancy Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Monty Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Owen
Dr. Lana Riemann
Ms. Kristin Sanford
Mr. And Mrs. James F. Shinn ll
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Silversides
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Swaim
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Townsend
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Whitehurst I
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Young

2020 Partner’s In Care:
$1,000+ Corporate Donors

Best Disposal/Todco
Brasscraft – Thomasville
Brown F. Finch Foundation
Charity League of Lexington
Choice Home Medical Equipment, Inc.
Estate of Kitty Pittman Mize
Estate of Nancy Jones
First Bank – Liberty Square
First United Methodist Church Lexington
Gobble Estate
Greenhouse Fabrics
Harland Clarke
Hasty Lions Club
Homer Shaw Memorial Golf Tournament
Jan Scott Designs
Kaufman Trailers of NC, Inc.
Lexington Barbecue
Lois L. Brinkley Foundation
Mary D. Davis Admin Trust
Ole North State Line Siders
Parrott Insurance & Benefits, Inc.
Paul’s Chapel
Pinnacle Financial Partners Inc.
Rich Fork Baptist Church
Sapona Charitable Foundation
The Eddie and Jo Allison Smith Family Foundation, Inc.
The Family Michael L. Tuttle
United Way of Davidson County
VF Jeanswear/Kontoor Brands
Wright Global Graphics
Younts Insurance Agency, Inc.
Family of Hattie Lanie Snellings
Vident Health – Office of General Counsel

2020 Individual Donors

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Adams
Ms. Monica Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Adams
Mr. & Mrs. William Adams, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Adderholdt
Ms. Connie Adkins
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Adkins
Dr. & Mrs. Neal Adkins
Mr. & Mrs. Hubert Agner
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Albert
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Albertson
Mrs. Phyllis Alderman
Mr. & Mrs. Hubert Alexander
Ms. Nancy Aley
Ms. Debbie Allen
Mr. & Mrs. Floyd G. Allen
Mrs. Genevieve Allen
Ms. Jaynsen Allen
Mr. & Mrs. Neil F. Allen
Robbin Reed Allen
Mr. & Mrs. William Allen
Mr. Ervin Allen Jr.
Ms. Ann Allnutt
Mrs. Billie Allred
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Allred
Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Allred
Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Allred
Ms. Aleshia Amos
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Amos
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. James Anderson
Mrs. Meredith Andrews
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Anthony
Ms. Mary Lou Applewhite
Ms. Deborah M Archer
Mr. Gary Ardison
Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Armfield
Mr. & Mrs. Danny Arney
Dr. & Mrs. Terry Arnold
Ms. Jean Ashley
Mr. & Mrs. Ian Atwell
Mr. Carl Auman
Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Avant
Ms. Debbie Ayers
Mr. Dennis Ayers
Mr. & Mrs. Don Ayers
Ms. Candice Babusiak
Ms. Haseena Bacchus
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Baity
Mr. & Mrs. Barry C. Ball
Ms. Carol Ball
Mr. Delbert Ball
Mr. & Mrs. Gary F. Ball
Ms. Renee Ball
Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Ballard
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Ballard
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Barber
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Bard
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Barker
Ms. Deborah Barnes
Mr. & Mrs. Weldon Barnes
Mr. & Mrs. Levi Barney
Mr. Chris Barnhill
Mr. Johnny M. Barton
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Baucom
Mr. Andrew Beck
Mr. & Mrs. Billy Beck
Mr. & Mrs. Johnny S. Beck
Ms. Karen Beck
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Beck
Ms. Wanda Beck
Mr. & Mrs. David Beckman
Mr. & Mrs. Allen W. Bell
Ms. Margot Benavides
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bennett
Ms. Hillary Bennett
Ms. Brenda Berrier
Mrs. Clatie J. Berrier
Ms. Kathy Berrier
Ms. M. Lou Berrier
Mr. Ron Biesecker
Ms. Rita Biggs
Mr. & Mrs. Don Bishop
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Bivens
Ms. Ruth Bivins
Dr. & Mrs. James F Black
Ms. Lynn Black
Ms. Margie Black
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Black II
Mr. Donnie Blackburn
Ms. Kaye S. Blackwelder
Dr. & Mrs. Oscar Blackwell
Mr. & Mrs. Brent Blair
Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Blair
Jeanette Blake
Ms. Donna Blakely
Ms. Lori Blevins
Mr. & Mrs. George H. Bloodworth
Ms. Janice Bloxsom
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bock
Ms. Carol Bodenhamer
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Boggs
Dr. & Mrs. Karl Bolstad
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Bonnett
Mrs. Donna Boone
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Bouchard
Mr. Benny Bowers
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Bowman
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Bowman
Ms. Cynthia Boyd
Mrs. Joan Boyle
Linda Marsan & Dennis Boyles
Ms. Sara Boyst
Mr. James Bracken
Mr. Joshua Brackett
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lee Brady
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Brewster
Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Briggs
Ms. Ellen Corinne Briggs
Mr. James Broach
Mr. Dennis L. Brock
Ms. Lisa Brooks
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Brooks
Ms. Irma Brower
Ms. Carolyn Brown
Mr. David Brown
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Brown
Ms. Joya Brown
Ms. Martha Brown
Ms. Sherry Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bruff
Ms. Judy Bryant
Mr. Phillip Bryant
Ms. Alvaretta Bryson
Mr. James Buckley
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Buie
Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Bullin
Mr. Randy Bullin
Ms. Donna Bullock
Ms. Rachel Bumgarner
Rev. Dearl Bunce
Mr. Chris Burcaw
Dr. & Mrs. Tim Burgiss
Mr. & Mrs. Clifton Burke
Ms. Tami Burkhart
Ms. Karen Burrow
Mrs. Louise Burton
Ms. Mary Bush
Ms. Barbara Byerly
Mr. & Mrs. Danny C. Byerly
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Byerly
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Byerly
Mrs. Frankie Byrd
Dr. John Byrne
Ms. Dixie Byrum
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Cabe
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Caddell
Ms. Debbie Cagle
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Cagle
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Cagle
Ms. Sandra Camastra
Mr. Rob Cambra
Mr. & Mrs. David Cameron
Mr. Paul Canady
Ms. Alma Carlton
Ms. Ann M. Carlton
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Carpenter
Dr. Athelene P. Carter
Ms. Lisa Carter
Ms. Sue Carter
Mr. Wilson Carter
Mr. Larry Cashatt
Ms. Juliet Casper
Ms. Brenda Casteel
Ms. Geraldine Castillejos
Mr. & Mrs. Dill Cecil
Mr. Thomas Chang
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Chapman
Mr. Maynard Cheney
Mr. Paul Chenoweth
Mr. & Mrs. George Cherry
Mr. & Mrs. Garwood Childers Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John Church
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Clinard
Ms. Carol Clodfelter
Mrs. Roberta Clodfelter
Ms. Carole Cloniger
Mr. & Mrs. William Cochell
Mr. & Mrs. John Cole
Mr. Robert E. Cole
Ms. Audra Coleman
Ms. Kay Coleman
Ms. Carolyn Collett
Mr. Marshall Collins, III
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Coltrane
Mr. John Colvin
Ms. Tillie comer
Ms. Vicki Conner
Mr. & Mrs. Neil Conrad
Mr. Carl Conrad
Mrs. Cornelia Conrad
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Cook
Mr. Chris Cook
Mr. Dale Cook
Mrs Molly Cooksey
Ms. L D Cooper
Ms. Alicia Coppley
Mr. Guy Cornman III
Ms. Annelle Courtney
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Causanca
Mr. Charles Grayson Covington
Ms. June Covington
Ms. Carlene Cox
Ms. Kathy Crafford
Mr. Bart Craig
Mr. & Mrs. Danny Cranford
Ms. Deborah Craven
Mr. & Mrs. Dow Craver
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Craver
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Craver
Ms. Teresa Crews
Ms. Pam Cross
Mrs. Diana Crotts
Ms. Sandra Cummings
Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Cunningham
Ms. Mittie Cushman
Mr. & Mrs. John Czupak
Mr. & Mrs. Junior Daley
Ms. Mary Dameron
Ms. Charla Darr
Mr. & Mrs. Lester Darr
Ms. Mary Grace Darr
Ms. Susan Darr
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Davila
Mr. Ellis H. Davis Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Davis
Ms. Mary B. Davis
Ms. Phyllis Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Tracy Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Deal
Ms. Peggy Deatherage
Mr. Douglas Deaton
Ms. Paula deBettencourt
Mr. Kenneth Dees
Mrs. Sara DeLapp
Mr. Dean DeMattio
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Dennis
Ms. Deborah L. Denton
Ms. Mary DeRosa
Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Dickens
Mr. James M. Dillon
Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Dillon
Mr. Michael Dillon
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Distler
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Dorsett
Ms. Bonnie Dorsey
Mrs. Sylvia Walters Drake
Ms. Connie Drye
Mr. Robert DuCharme
Mr. & Mrs. David Dunn
Ms. Susan Durant
Mr. & Mrs. Olen C. Easter Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Easter
Mr. Jim Eckman
Mr. & Mrs. Billy Edge
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Eller
Ms. Lona Hill Ellis
Ms. Carolyn Elmore
Mrs. Jane Elmore
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Embler
Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Embry
Ms. Vickie Embry
Mr. & Mrs. John English
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Errington
Ms. Betty Essick
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Essick
Ms. Joyce Essick
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Essick
Ms. Marjorie Essick
Mrs. Theola Essick
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Everhart
Mr. James Everhart
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Everhart
Mr. & Mrs. John Everhart
Ms. Leda J. Everhart
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy L. Everhart
Ms. Debbie Fanary
Mr. & Mrs. John Farrington II
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Faulkner
Ms Patty Fayne
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Ferguson
Mr. & Mrs. James Fields
Ms. Saundra Fine
Mr. & Mrs. Christian Fisher
Mr. Taylor Fisher
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Fitzgerald
Ms. Lauren Flax
Mr. & Mrs. Kenny Fleming
Mr. Ray Fletcher
Ms. Jamie Flowers
Mr. Bruce Floyd
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Floyd
Mr. & Mrs. Terrence Flynn
Ms. Hilda Flynt
Mr. & Mrs. George Fore
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Forrest
Ms. Jennifer Foster
Ms. Joan Foust
Mrs. Lisa Fowler
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Wayne Frank
Mr. & Mrs. Ross A. Frank
Ms. Pansy Frank
Ms. Mary Regina Freedle
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Freeman Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Willard Freeman
Ms. Sherry Fritchley
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Fritts Jr.
Mr. Chris Fry
Mr. Elizabeth Fuller
Mr. & Mrs. Benson Futrell
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Futrell
Ms. Margie Gale
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Gallimore
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip R. Gallimore
Mr. Ray Gallimore
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gallimore
Mr. Edmund Gant Jr.
Ms. Brenda Garner
Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Garner
Ms. DeLisa Garner
Ms. Pauline Garner
Ms. Robin Garrison
Ms. Gila Gevirtz
Mr. & Mrs. David Gibbs
Karen Bouldin and Bobby Giles
Ms. Lynda Gilley
Mr. Richard Gizinski
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Glass
Mr. & Mrs. Buddy Gobble
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gobble
Ms. Tina Gobble
Ms. Tammy Goins
Mr. & Mrs. Angel Gonzales
Ms. Betty Gooding
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Goodnight
Ms. Angie Goodwin
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Kenneth Grant
Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Graves
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Gray
Ms. Heather Green
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Green
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Green
Ms. Florence Greene
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Greene
Ms. Joyce Greer
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Greeson
Mr. & Mrs. F. Wayne Gregg
Ms. Melissa Gregory
Ms. Patsy Gregory
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Grice
Mr. Brian Griffin
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Griffin
Ms. Brenda Griffith
Mr. Jerry Grimes
Mr. & Mrs. Neal Grimes
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Grubb
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Grubb
Ms. Kitty Grubbs
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Grubbs
Ms. Marva Guenther
Mr. Joseph F. Guerrieri
Ms. Sharon Gulledge
Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Gusler
Ms. Linda Gusler
Mr. Ken Hall
Ms. Denise Haltom
Mr. Richard Hamby
Mr. Randy Hammitt
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Hanner
Mr. William Hanson
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Hardee
Ms. Linda Hardison
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Harmon
Ms. Lisa Teetor Harrell
Ms. Catherine Harris
Ms. Constance Harris
Mr. & Mrs. Dean Harris
Ms. Gail Harris
Ms. Karen Harris
Mr. Logan Harris
Mrs. Regina Harris
Dr. & Mrs. Sam Harris
Mr. John R. Hart
Ms. Kathleen Hart
Mrs. Glenda Hartley
Mr. & Mrs. Joel Hartley
Ms Amy Jo Hartman
Ms. Beth Hash
Mr. Charles Hatley Jr.
Mr. Philip Hatton
Mr. & Mrs. Blaine Hawkins
Mrs. Carolyn Hawkins
Ms. Kay Hawks
Ms. Marsha Hayduk
Ms. Donna Hayes-Johnson
Ms. Susan Haynes
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Haynes Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Haywood
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hayworth
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Hedgecock Jr.
Ms. Jan Hedgecock
Dr. & Mrs. Joe R. Hedgpeth
Ms. Frances Hedrick
Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Hedrick
Ms. Nell Hedrick
Mr. & Mrs. Leon Hedrick
Mr & Mrs William D. Hedrick
Mr. Jerald Hege
Ms Martha Hege
Ms. April Heiney
Ms. Sharon Heiney
Ms. Valerie Heiney
Mrs. Carolyn Heitman
Mr. & Mrs. Earl Hester Jr.
Mrs. Camille Higgins
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Higgins
Ms. Clara L. Hill
Ms. Geraldine Hill
Mrs. Helen Hill
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Hill
Ms. Vivian Hill
Ms. Wanda Hilton
Mr. Scott Hinkle
Ms. Glenda Hobbs
Mr. & Mrs. Marion Hodge
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Hodges
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hodges
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Hoffpauir
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Holder
Ms. Bonnie Holmes
Mr. Jimmy Holshouser
Mrs. Joyce Holshouser
Ms. Peggy Holt
Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Hoover
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Hoover
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Horne
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Horney
Ms. Denise Houston
Mr. Ray Howell
Mr. & Mrs. Glen Hubbard
Mr. Jeff Hubbard
Mr. Steven Hudgins
Mr. James G. Hudson Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Huesman
Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Huffman
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hughes
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Hughes
Mr. & Mrs. James Humphries
Mr. & Mrs. Don Huneycutt
Ms. Lummie Jo Huneycutt
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Hunt
Mr. & Mrs. David Hunt
Mr. & Mrs. Erwin Hunt
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Hunt
Ms. Tamara Hunt
Ms. Tara Hunt
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Hunt
Mr. & Mrs. R. Frank Hunter
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Hurley
Ms. Leigh Hutchens
Ms. Heidi Hutcheson
Ms. Bevillyn Ingram
Mr. Steve Inman
Ms. Jackie Ireland
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Irvin
Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Ish
Mr. Duane Isham
Ms. Betty Small Isley
Ms. Fonda J. Jackson
Ms. Monica K Jackson
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Jackson
Ms. Ruth Jarrett
Ms. Angel Jenkins
Ms. Janice Jenkins
Ms. Mary Jessup
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Jester
Ms. Martha Johnson
Ms. Melissa Johnson
Mr. Phillip Johnson
Ms. Shirley Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Johnson
Ms. Donna Johnston
Mr. & Mrs. R. R. Jones III
Ms. Ladonna Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Pete Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Jones
Ms Barbara Jordan
Ms. Gaynelle Joyner
Mr. & Mrs. Kirby Kanoy
Ms. Georgia D. Kearney
Mrs. Jane Kearns
Mrs. Nancy Kearns
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Kesler
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Kilcrease
Mr. & Mrs. Joel Kimball
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Kindley
Ms. Teresa Kines
Mr. & Mrs. Gene King
Ms. Patricia King
Mr. & Mrs. Danny Kirkman
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Kirkman
Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Kirkus
Ms. Jessica Kiser
Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Kiser
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Klein
Ms. Lynn Klopp
Ms. Danielle Kogler
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Koontz
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest T. Koontz
Mr. & Mrs. Forrest David Koontz
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Koontz
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Koontz
Ms. Jane Kruse
Ms. Barbara Kugel
Ms. Denise Lackey
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lackey
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Lake
Ms. Jane LaMarre
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Lambeth
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Lambeth
Mr. & Mrs. V. W. Lamoureaux Jr.
Ms. Mary Lassiter
Mr. & Mrs. John Lauritzen
Mr. & Mrs. Rufus Laws Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Noel Leatherman
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Lee
Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Lemly
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Leonard
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Leonard
Mr. Robert L. Leonard Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Leonard
Ms. Sheena Leonard
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Leonard
Ms. Stacey Lewis
Ms. Ellen Linthicum
Mr. Allen Little
Mr. & Mrs. David Littleton
Ms. Kaye Lockwood
Mr & Mrs Alton Dale Loflin
Mr. & Mrs. Billy Loflin
Ms. Priscilla Loftin
Mr. & Mrs. Thad Loggins
Mr. Philip B. Lohr
Ms. Becky Lookabill
Mr. & Mrs. J.B. Lopp
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lopp
Ms. Edwina Louya
Ms. Gladys Lowe
Mr. Robert Lowe
Mr. & Mrs. William Lucas
Ms. Donna Lundgren
Ms. Carol Lundrigan
Ms. Cathy Lutes
Mr. Brett Lyndon
Mr. & Mrs. Allen Mabry
Ms. Virginia Manns
Ms. Libby Markham
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Massengill
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Matthews
Ms. Theresa Matthews
Mrs. Iris Mauney
Ms. Colleen Mazur
Mr. Chip McBride
Mr. & Mrs. William McBride
Mrs. Carolyn McCarn
Mr. Kent McCarn
Ms. Sherry McClamrock
Ms. Erin McCloskey
Ms. Jane McCoy
Mr. & Mrs. Larry W. McCullough
Mr. & Mrs. Randy McDowell
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery McDuffie
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis McEntire
Ms. Laura McIntosh-Wright
Mr. & Mrs. Freddie C. McMahan
Mr. & Mrs. Greg McMahan
Mr. Lee McPhatter
Ms. Brandi McQueen
Ms. Mary McQueen
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Medlin
Ms. Shirley Medlin
Ms. Stephanie Meis
Mr. & Mrs. David Mendenhall
Ms. Amy Mescanti
Ms. Deanna Michael
Ms. Debby Michael
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Michael
Ms Patricia Michael
Ms. Sabrina Michael
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Mickles
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Miles
Mr. Gary Milewski
Ms. Brenda Miller
Ms. Carmen Miller
Ms. Cheryl Miller
Ms Rebecca Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Thompson Miller
Mr. & Mrs. G. Bruce Mills
Mr. Junior Mills
Mrs. Bonnie Minter
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Mitchell
Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Mitchell
Mr. & Mrs. William Mitchell
Ms. Vicky P. Mock
Ms. Meredith Mode
Ms. Loise Moglia
Ms. Lisa Monforton
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Monk
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Monk
Ms. Tiffany Moody
Mr. & Mrs. James Moore
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Moore
Ms. Stamie Moore
Ms. Pamela Morency
Ms. Rebecca Moretz
Mr. Blayne W. Morgan
Mr. Terry Morgan
Mrs. Nancy Morris
Mr. & Mrs. Sherrill Morris
Mr. & Mrs. Lane Morton
Mr. Douglas Moseley
Ms. Judy Motes
Ms. Claudiette Mullins-Mason
Ms. Nancy Murr
Mrs. Dene Murrell
Mrs. Carol Myers
Mr. James Myers
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Myers
Mr. & Mrs. Mark L. Myers
Mr. Terry Myers
Ms. Betty Nance
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Nance
Mr. & Mrs. David Nance
Ms. Janette Neal
Torena Neal
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Nelson
Mr. & Mrs. Billy Newsome
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Nichols
Mr. Danny Nifong
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Niver
Ms. Deborah Nobles
Mr. & Mrs. Donnie Norris
Ms. Rebecca Poetzinger
Ms. Sheila Ogle
Mr. & Mrs. Hubert E. Olive Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Monty Oliver
Ms. Tammy Oliver
Mr. & Mrs. Scott O’Neill
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Orrell
Mr. John Ott
Mr. & Mrs. Brad Owen
Mr. & Mrs. Mike O’Dowd
Ms Annelle Owens
Mr. Frank Palmer
Mr. & Mrs. James Palmer
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Papale
Mr. & Mrs. James Paris
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Park
Mr. Dan Parker
Mr. Thomas Parker
Mrs. Marie Parks
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Parnell
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Parrish
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Dalton
Ms. Debra Passmore
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Passmore
Mr. John Patterson
Ms. Melissa Payne
J. L. Peace
Mrs. Sadie Peacock
Ms. Linda Pearce
Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Pearson
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Ray Peedin
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Pendry
Ms. Hannah Pennell
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Penninger
Mr. A.C. Pennington
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Perdue
Mrs. Janie Perkins
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Perrell
Mr. & Mrs. George Perryman
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Phelps
Ms Ann Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. Buford Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Phillips
Ms. Kathy Philpott
Ms. Londa Pickett
Marilee J. Pierce
Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Plummer
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Podgaysky
Ms. Audrie Polhemus
Mrs. Betty Pope
Ms. Crissy L. Pope
Ms. Katherine Porter
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Potts
Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Powell
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Presley
Ms. Sue Prevette
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Price
Mr. & Mrs. Sid E. Proctor
Mr. & Mrs. Jon Quigley
Mr. & Mrs. Reggie Ramsey
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ramsey
Mr. & Mrs. Philip R. Rapp
Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Rayburn
Mr. & Mrs. Dean Redding
Ms. Sandy Reece
Ms. Judith Reed
Mr. & Mrs. James Doug Reid
Ms. Janet Reid
Mr. & Mrs. Jedd M. Reid
Mr. & Mrs. William Reinhardt
Ms. Judy Reynolds
Ms. Jenna Rheuark
Mr. Albert Rhoton
Ms. Eunice Rice
Ms. Eileen Richardson
Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Richey
Mrs. Mary Rickard
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ridge, Sr.
Dr. Lana Riemann
Drs. Sims & Cathy Riggan
Mr. & Mrs. H. E. Rinehart
Ms. Nadine S. Ritz
Ms. Sheila Roberson
Mrs. Dawn L. Robertson
Mr. John Robertson
Mr. & Mrs. George Robertson
Ms. Kimberly Robertson
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Robertson
Mrs. Audrie Robson
Ms. Lauren Rogers
Mr. Tim Rogers
Ms. Vicky Rogers
Mr. Donald Roha
Mr. & Mrs. Nevin Rohrbaugh
Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Roof
Mrs. Dorothy Holland
Mr. Robby Rummage
Mr. & Mrs. Randall H. Safrit
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Saintsing
Ms. Diane Sanderson
Ms. Kristin Sanford
Ms. Lynn Satterwhite
Ms. Lucy Schaeffer
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Schwint
Mr. Roland Sciotto
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Seal
Mr. Chalmous Sechrist
Mrs. Patricia B. Severt
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Shinn ll
Ms. Jean Shipton
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Shive
Mrs. Cathy Shoaf
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Shoaf
Mr. & Mrs. James Shoaf Sr.
Mrs. Dee Dee Shook
Mr. Scott Shuffler
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Shuler
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Shuman
Dr. & Mrs. Sim Siceloff III
Ms. Ginger Silby
Mr. Billy Siler
Mr. & Mrs. Ian Silversides
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Simerson
Ms. Betty Sink
Ms. Elizabeth Sink
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Sink
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Sink
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Sink
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Sink
Mr. & Mrs. David T. Skeen
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Skeen
Mr. & Mrs. Dean Slabach
Mr. John Slack Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Smith
Mr. David Smith
Mr. & Mrs. David C. Smith
Mr. & David Smith
Ms. Donna Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Thompson Smith
Ms. Nina Kathleen Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Guy Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry F. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Kelly Smith
Ms. Lynn Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Steven Smith
Mrs. Martha Ellen Smith
Mr. Kendall Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Smith
Mr. Rondie Smith
Mrs. Theresa Smith
Mr. & Mrs. John Smith III
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Snyder
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Snyder
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Snyder
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Sowers
Ms. Lois M. Sowers
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Sowers
Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Sowers
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Sparger
Mr. Andy Sparks, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Don Spell
Ms. Janet Spencer
Mr. & Mrs. Carroll Spivey
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Sprinkle
Mr. & Mrs. Danny Squires
Ms. Wanda Staley
Mr. & Mrs. Benson D. Stalvey
Mr. Clarence Stanley
Ms. Eleanor Staples
Mr. Robert Starnes
Mr. Ralph V. Starr
Mr. & Mrs. Colon Starrett
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Steed
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Stephens
Ms. Suzanne Stephens
Mr. & Mrs. John Stewart
Ms. Leigh Stewart
Ms. Yvonne Stewart
Ms. Brenda Gates Stiers
Mr. Smith Stokes
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Stoner
Ms. Susan Story
Mr. & Mrs. Brett Stovall
Mr. & Mrs. Rodney C. Stroud
Ms. Diana Sullivan
Ms. Elizabeth Sullivan
Ms. Wendy Sult
Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Summit
Ms. Janice Sumner
Mr. Hal Surratt
Mr. & Mrs. Irving A. Surratt
Ms. Michelle Surratt
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Swaim
Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Swicegood
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Swing
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Swing
Mr. & Mrs. D. H. Tate
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Tate
Ms. Suzanne Tate
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Randall Taylor
Mr. Gregory Teaque
Ms. Carleen Terrell
Mr. Kirk Terrell
Mrs. James Tesh
Ms. Anne Tezak
Ms. Robyn Thomas
Ms. Cindy Thompson
Ms. Barbara Thore
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Thornton
The Honorable & Mrs. N. Carlton Tilley, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. R. E. Timberlake
Mr. & Mrs. Scotty Tims
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Tomar
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Tomlin
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Townsend
Mr. & Mrs. J.P. Trexler
Mr. & Mrs. Ike Trexler III
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Troutman
Ms. Christine Tucker
Martha R. Tucker
Mr. & Mrs. Royster Tucker III
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Turbeville
Ms. Denise Turner
Ms. Tiffany Tussey
Mr. Kenneth Byerly
Ms. Sandi Underwood
Mr. Robert Vestal
Ms. Rebecca Vogler
Ms. Sandra Vuncannon
Mrs. Charlotte Wagner
Mr. James Michael Wagner
Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Wagoner
Mr. & Mrs. Neil Wagoner
Mr. & Mrs. David Wagoner
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Waitman
Mr. & Mrs. James Waitman
Ms. Vera Waitman
Ms. Kathryn Walker
Ms. Gertrude Wall
Mrs. Margaret Walser
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Walser
Mr. Rodney Walser
Dr. & Mrs. W. Max Walser
Mrs. Ashley Walters
Mr. Perry Walters
Ms. Evelyn Ward
Mrs. Joyce Ward
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Ward
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Warren
Ms. Ivy Waterhouse
Mrs. Donna M. Watson
Ms. Marjorie L. Watson
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Watts
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Weaver
Ms Constance Weaver
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Weaver
Mr. & Mrs. R. Dennis Weavil
Ms. Susan Webb
Ms. Veronica Weidl
Ms. Virginia Weisner
Mr. Donald Welch
Mr. Billy West, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. David West
Ms. Hannah West
Ms. Janie Weverka
Mr. & Mrs. Denny R Whalen
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Wheless
Ms. Linda Whipple
Mr. & Mrs. C. Lindley White IV
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin White
Mr. & Mrs. William Whitehurst I
Ms. Jane Whitley
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Whitlock
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Whitman
Ms. Connie Widenhouse
Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Wiggs
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Wikle
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wilkerson
Mr. Wayne Wilkins
Ms. Brooke Williams
Ms. Cassandra Williams
Mr. & Mrs. James Williams
Ms. Mariane Williamson
Mr. & Mrs. David Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Efird Wilson
Mr. Randy Wilson
Ms. Susan Wilson
Ms. Mary Windt
Ms Audrey Winebarger
Mr. & Mrs. D. C. Winfree
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Wingler
Ms. Sherry Wobensmith
Ms. Sharon Wolf
Mr. & Mrs. John Woodard
Ms Nancy Woods
Mr. Brad Byerly
Ms. Barbara Workman
Ms. Jane Worley
Mr. & Mrs. David Wright
Ms. Faye Wright
Dr. & Mrs. Gordon Wright
Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Wright
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Wright
Mrs. Margaret Yarborough
Ms. Nancy Yarbrough
Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Yates
Ms. Wanda Yates
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald York
Barbara F. Young
Ms. Joan Young
Mr. & Mrs. Tony K. Young
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Young
Mr. & Mrs. Pepper Younts
Ms. Sandra Younts
Mrs. Shirley Younts
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Lohr Younts
Mr. & Mrs. Luther Yow

2020 Organizational Donors

2 F Farms
AC Corporation
Advanced Electronic Services, Inc
Amazing Grace Baptist Church
American Airlines, Inc.
American Express Company Employee Giving Program
B & L Insulation
Barbecue Center, Inc.
Bartimaeus by Design Inc.
Beck’s Reformed Church
Best Disposal/Todco
Bethesda Church of God – Senior Adult Sunday School
Bonset America Corporation
Bowman Gray Stadium Ladies Auxiliary
Brasscraft – Thomasville
Brookstone Retirement Center
Brown F. Finch Foundation
Buyhair LLC
CAF America c/o CyberGrants
Calvary United Church of Christ
Canaan United Methodist Church
Carolina Senior Care
Center United Methodist Church
Central Davidson High School
Central Davidson Pep Club
Central Wesleyan Church
Charity League of Lexington
Choice Home Medical Equipment, Inc.
Church at High Point
Church Interiors Inc.
City of Lexington
City of Thomasville
Clearview Baptist Church
Colonial Heights Flower Club
Comerford Chilson & Moser, L.L.P.
Craftsman Foam Fabricators, Inc.
D. T. Class of 1954
Davidson County Dept. of Social Services
Davidson County Electrical Contractors Association
Davidson County Republican Women
Davidson Funeral Home
Davis Furniture Industries Inc.
Denton High School
Denton School Class Of 1956
Domino’s Pizza – Thomasville
Don Juan’s Mexican Restaurant
Dream Builders LLC
Edgecombe-Martin County EMC
Emanuel Reformed Church
Estate of Barbara Anne Bunn
Estate of Camille Lawrence
Estate of Kitty Pittman Mize
Estate of Nancy Jones
Evans Real Estate & Investment Properties
Fairchild Industrial Products
Fairview United Methodist Church
Faith Church of Midway
Fiber Group, Inc.
Fidelity Charitable Donor-Advised Fund
First Bank – Liberty Square
First Pentecostal Holiness Church, Inc.
First Presbyterian Church Lexington NC
First Reformed United Church of Christ
First United Methodist Church Lexington
Floyd Baptist Church
Forbis & Dick – Stokesdale Chapel
Fork Baptist Church
Friedberg Village Homeowners Association
Friendship United Methodist Church
Gastroenterology – High Point & High Point Endoscopy Center
Gobble Estate
Good Hope United Methodist Church
Grace Alliance Church
Greenhouse Fabrics
Greensboro Scottish Country Dance Society
Harland Clarke
Hasty Lions Club
Haynes Family Builders
Healing Springs Volunteer Fire Department
Heart2Sign LLC
Hedrick’s Grove United Church of Christ
Heidelberg United Church of Christ
Hilltop Baptist Church
Holly Grove Chevron Inc.
Homer Shaw Memorial Golf Tournament
Hunter Douglas
IBM Employee Services Center
Ilderton Dodge Chrysler Jeep
Investors Heritage Life Insurance Company
James Heating & A/C Inc
Jan Scott Designs
Jersey Baptist Church
Kaufman Trailers of NC, Inc.
Lanier Hardware, Inc.
Level Cross UMC
Lexington Barbecue
Lexington Church of Christ
Lexington City Schools – Class of 2003
Lexington Home Brands
Lexington Ladies Golf Association
Lexington Primary Care
Lexington Woman’s Club
Lion’s Club of Linwood
Lois L. Brinkley Foundation
Love of God Baptist Church
Mem United Church of Christ Women’s Guild
Memorial Evangelical and Reformed Church
Mile 2 Church
Millwork Marketing Inc.
Mountain View Missionary Baptist Church
New Jerusalem Reformed Church
Newsome Grading Company LLC
Nippon Electric Glass
North Carolina Community Foundation, Inc.
North Carolina Housing Services & Management Corp.
Oak Forest United Methodist Church
Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc.
Ole North State Line Siders
Order of the Eastern Star-Lexington Chapter #98
Park Place Baptist Church
Parrott Insurance & Benefits, Inc.
Paul’s Chapel
Pilgrim Auto Electric Inc.
Pilgrim Reformed Church
Pilot Lions Club
Pinnacle Financial Partners Inc.
PPG Retirees – Diane Burkhart
Red Velvet Cupcakes
Reedy Creek Baptist Church
Renaissance Charitable Foundation
Reynolds American Inc
Rich Fork Baptist Church
Roberts Funeral Service
Royal Manor Home Owners Association
Roy’s Automotive Center
Sapona Charitable Foundation
Sheets Memorial Baptist Church (Ralph Starr Bible Class)
Shiloh UMC Cub Scout Pack 221
Sinfully Delicious Bakery
Smith Grove Baptist Church
St. Luke’s Lutheran Church
Stroud Chiropractic, PLLC
Summerville Baptist Church
Surratt Thompson & Ceberio, PLLC
Taylor & Parsley CPAs, PLLC
Taylor’s Discount Tire Automotive
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
The Blackbaud Giving Fund
The Eddie and Jo Allison Smith Family Foundation, Inc.
The GoodCoin Foundation
The House Of God Church
The Pace Group Inc.
The United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania
The Winston Salem Foundation
Thomasville Community Service League
Thomasville Rotary Club
Town of Midway
Triad Office Solutions, Inc.
Trinity United Methodist Church-Lexington
Turlington and Company, L.L.P
Tyro United Methodist Church
United Methodist Women – Trinity Methodist
United Way of Davidson County
United Way of Greater Greensboro
United Way of Greater High Point
United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg
United Way of Metropolitan Nashville
USGH, Inc.
Velva Tucker Quinn Family Trust
VF Jeanswear/Kontoor Brands
Victory Baptist Church
Westside Ladies Fellowship
Whitewood Industries, Inc.
Wilmington Business Development
Women of the Moose-Spencer Chapter 1197
Wright Global Graphics
Yadkin College United Methodist Church
Younts Insurance Agency, Inc.
YourCause Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
YourCause, LLC – Duke Energy Foundation

2020 Memorials

Addie Mae Wilkins
Albert Thomas Russell
Alice Briggs Bruff
Alice Rose Lowder Jones
Alta Warner Hunt
Angel Swink
Annie Marie Carter
Annie Sowers
Antony “Tony” Ray Roberson
Archie Smith
Ardenia Craddock
Arlena Carlton Edwards
Ruth Carlton
Dewey Carlton
Arnold James
Arnold Reid Clodfelter and Helen Hinkle
Audrey Everhart
Audrey Jane Hedrick Sechrest
Aunt Mamie Surratt Shuler
Austin Clodfelter
Barbara Blackburn
Barbara Lake
Barney Hill
Becky Crisp
Becky Fulenwider
Benny Michael
Bessie Oliver Darr
Bettie Cody Floyd
Betty Allen
Betty Atwood
Betty Ball
Betty Barney
Betty Caudill and Bill Walser
Betty Cooper
Betty Crowell
Betty Curry
Betty Darr
Betty Edwards Leonard
Betty Hall and Sue Koonts
Betty Hensley
Betty Hilton Curry
Betty L. Darr
Betty Leonard
Betty Lou Swinson Hill
Betty Mae Briggs Cooper
Betty Revelle
Betty Sharpe
Bill Beck
Bill Butts
Bill Gaither
Bill Phifer
Bill Trantham
Bill Walser
Bill Walser and Louis Bowles
Bill Yarbrough
Billy Edwards
Billy Gray Bryant
Billy King
Bob & Betsy Butts
Bob Butts
Bob Jordan
Bob Oates and Dirk Dixon
Bobbie Dykes
Bobby Darrell Pierce
Bobby Jean Waycaster
Bobby L. & Lola M. Cross
Bobby Pierce
Bobby Shoaf
Bobby Witcher
Bonda Geneva Drye Whitley
Brenda Forrest Slaydon
Brenda Williams
Bruce Yarbrough
C.H. & Marcia Menkins
Camille Lawrence
Carl Covington
Carl Hawkins
Carole Gasque
Carolyn “Juanita” Tesh Mobley
Carolyn Collins
Carolyn Conrad
Cary & Carrie Kirkman
Catherine “Katie” Sue Leonard
Charles “Wayne” Summey
Charles & Betty Kirkman
Charles Eli Wall
Charles Hedrick
Charles Matthew Hedrick
Charles McKinney
Charles Minter
Charles Wall
Charlie Francis Sides
Charlie Smith Jr
Charlotte Graham Gingerelli
Christine “Pumpkin” Buie
Christine “Punkin” Buie
Christine Buie
Connie Ball Hartley
Connie Hartley
Connie Weimer
Curtis Chilton
Curtis Isham
Curtis Morrow
Dale Peck
Dan Parks
Daniel “Dan” Parks
Daniel (Dan) Parks
Danny Brown
Darlene Hedrick and Jean Dishmon
Darrell Michael
David Lester Thore
David Sidney Underwood
David Sink
Dean Hampton Medford
Debbie Michael
Delia Clark
Delores Trexler Younts
Delores Yountz
Dennis Crites
Dennis Jay Crites
Dewey Leroy Byrd
Diane Cook
Dirk Dixon, MD
Diza Morris
Dollie Mae Watson
Don H. Black
Don Layton
Don Saintsing
Don Sanford
Donald L. Berrier
Donna Jo Braswell
Donna Marie York Hunt
Dorcus Koonts Mock
Dorcus Mock
Doreen Rodgers
Doris Bullin
Doris Frye
Doris Livengood
Doris Trexler Young
Doris Young
Dorothy Alexander
Dorothy Beck
Dorothy Burcaw
Dorothy Freeman
Dorothy Hunt
Dorothy Stanley
Dot Bullin
Dot Craver
Douglas and Howard Mae Hinson
Dr. Dirk Dixon
Dr. Larry Dean Morrison
Dr. Larry Lindow
Dr. Ray Strader
EC (Carol) Hall
Ed Holmes
Eddie Kearney
Eddie L. Kearney, Sr
Edith Hicks
Edith W. Shoaf
Edna & John Leath
Edna Pennington
Edward Burkhart
Edward Darrell Burkhart, Jr
Edward Heiney
Elaine Polhemus Talbert
Elaine Talbert
Elizabeth “Libby” Ann Boles Tate
Elizabeth Tate
Ella Mae Everhart
Ellen Marie Neese Pryor
Eloise Boyst
Elsie Bowers
Elsie E. Clodfelter Bowers
Emily Wall Minor
Emma Varner Kindley
Eric A. Black
Ernest Lanning
Evelyn Berrier Leonard
Evelyn Younts
Fannie Jean Everhart
Faye Kee
Florence Reed
Frances Brinkley
Frances Kiger
Frank and Mary Davis
Frank Davis
Fred Jackson Huskins
Garland Essick
Gary and Sandra Kepley
Gary Boone
Gary Dean Lambeth
Gary Lee Boone
Gary W. Kepley
Gayle Smerznak
Gene Miller
Gerald Harris Robertson
Gerald Robertson
Gilda Byerly Childress
Gratis Marshall
Greg Burkhart
Greg Potts
Greta Embry
Hans Brandenberger
Harold “Steve” Garner
Harold D. Perryman
Harold Steve Garner
Harry Lee Darr
Hazel Morris Hartley
Helen Melita Smith
Herbert L. Yates
Herman Eugene Hoover
Hillard Curry
Hollis Hedgecock
Homer C. Biesecker
Homer Shipwash
Howard M. Hinson
Howard Mae Hinson
Hoyle & Betty Potts
Hoyle Clifton Potts
Hoyle Potts
Hun Lowe
Iras Lowman
Irene E. Tysinger
Isabel Flatau
J. B. Bruton
J. B. Bruton Jr
Jack G. Wagner
Jack Huskins
Jackie Watts
James “Buster” Morris, Jr
James “Paw” Allen Vestal, Sr
James (Pee-Wee) Allred and Robert (Buddy) Brown
James Allred
James and Lucille Kirk
James Liner
James ‘Ralph’ Ham
James Thomas Andrews
Jane B. Dorton
Janet Loflin Nance
Janet Nance
Janie Manuel
Janie P. Parnell
Jasper Bibb Bruton, Jr.
Jean Athay Parlier
Jean Dishmon
Jean Everhart
Jean Parlier
Jean Thompson Everhart
Jeanette Branson
Jeanette Elliott Branson
Jeanette Jones
Jeanette Lucas
Jeanette Thompson
Jenette Hartmann
Jenette Rorex Hartmann
Jennings Benton, Sr.
Jerry Dean Koontz
Jerry Edward Gallimore
Jerry Everhart
Jerry Gallimore
Jerry Hester
Jerry Koonts
Jerry Koontz
Jerry M. Isley
Jerry Parks
Jerry W. Miller
Jerry Wayne Everhart, Sr
Jerry Wayne Manns
Jewell Swing
Jim Leonard
Jim Vestal
Jimbo Craver
Jimmy “Ronald” Byerly
Jimmy L. Everhart
Jimmy Ronald Byerly
Jo Swing
Jo Carroll Smith
Joe Bowers
Joe Dean Walser
Joe Lax
Joe N. Essick, Sr
Joe Walser
Joetta Tussey McGee
John and Geneva Hines
John B. Watford
John Benjamin Watford
John Jenkins
John S Thomason Jr
John Thomason
John Watford
John Wayne Adams
Johnny Everhart Sr
Josie and Clay Kennedy
Joyce Dees
Joyce Dianne Hill Embry
Joyce Gallimore Lambeth
Joyce Lambeth
Joyce Mae Dees
Judy Morris Jones
Judy Tussey
June Frontas Lanier
June Lanier
Karen Young
Karla Ragsdale Essick
Kathleen Dennis
Kathryn Leonard
Kathy Lanning
Keith and Edna Wilson
Ken Tussy & Terry Koontz
Kenneth Buchanan
Kenneth Ray Adams
Kyle Smith
Lanny Brooks
Larry D. Ridge
Larry Dean Morrison
Larry Hutchens
Larry Kearns
Larry Kines
Larry Lindow
Larry Morrison
Larry Richardson
Larry Ritz
Lauren Gould
Lauren Thompson Gould
Laurence Barrett
LeGrand Cribbs
Lelia Joyner Wishon
Len Prevette
Leonard & Anna Thornton
Lessie Guthrie
Lester Clodfelter
Lester Orman
Levon (Toby) Weaver
Libby Tate
Linda Duncan
Linda Hayes
Linda Hinson Duncan
Linda House
Linda Lee Guerrieri
Linda Spicer
Linda Susan Towery
Linda Tuttle Spicer
Lloyd Beck
Lloyd David Tysinger
Lloyd Tysinger
Lochan Arjune
Lois C. Harrison
Lois Jean Query
Lola Cross
Lonnie Preslar
Lorene Wagoner Swicegood
Loretta Tucker Grubb
Louis Bowles
Louis Grant Bowles
Louise Conner
Louise Eads
Louise Story Coleman
Lucy Mae Everhart Battle
Luella Ketner
Luther Davis
Lydia Rose
M. Kathleen DuCharme
Major Harris Ivey
Mamie Surrett Shuler
Marcus Luther Davis
Margaret B. Arney
Margaret Burcham
Margaret C. Hodges
Margaret Koontz
Margaret Whitlock
Margie Everhart
Marie Carter
Marie Swiggett
Marilyn Sowers Thomason
Marshall Brown
Martha G. Leonard
Mary Ann Fritts and Joyce H. Embry
Mary B. Hanes
Mary Beck
Mary Davis
Mary J. Smith
Mary K. Mills
Mary M. Barton
Mary Yarbrough Tysinger
Maurice Musgrave
May “Elise” Cecil
Melinda Smith
Michael L. Tuttle
Michael Willard
Mickey Brooks, in honor of Cameron’s wedding
Mike and Carole Willmot
Mike Carrick
Mike Sexton
Mildred and Corl Koontz
Mildred and Garland Essick
Minevia Marie Link
Miriam & Frank Austin
Molly “Ruth” Leonard
Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Don Lanning
Mr. Sidney Underwood
Mr. Jerry Koontz
Mrs Younts
Mrs. Annette Fisher
Mrs. Carl Wilson Lackey
Mrs. Elizabeth “Libby” Tate
Mrs. Howard Mae Michael Hinson
Mrs. Jo McGee
Mrs. Ramona Mitchell Cranford
Ms. Helen Walser and Ms. Betty Barney
Muriel Barger Hill
Muriel Hill
Myriel Brooks, in honor of Cameron Brooks wedding
Myriel S. Brooks
Myrtle “Duckie” Hege
N. Mack Shoaf
Nancy Beck Boles
Nancy C. Oakley
Nancy Carol Padgett
Nancy Coltrane
Nancy J. Coppley
Nancy Lyndon
Nathan “Rabbit” Warren Williams
Ned Carter
Nelson McMahan
Nettie Louise Conner
Noel Brinkley
Nolan Garner
Nora Helen Clodfelter Morris
Norine Weant
Odessa C. Boles
Ollie Owens
Ottis Honeycutt, Jr.
Pat Davis
Patricia (Patsy) McBride
Patsy Beck
Patsy L. Woodruff
Patsy McBride
Patsy Roberson Miller
Paul & Ailene Johnson
Paul Dameron
Paul Osborne
Pearl Cook Miller
Pearl Miller
Peggy Briggs Varner
Peggy Darr
Peggy Lasley
Peggy Nicholson Thompson
Peggy Sowers Darr
R.G. Harris
Rachel Fritts Shytle
Rachel May Hedrick
Rachel Simerson
Ralph & Linda Hayes
Ralph Ham
Ralph Teague
Ramona Mitchell Cranford
Ray E. Jackson
Ray Smith Jr,
Raymond Alfred Smith, Jr.
Reid and Peggy Black
Reid Clodfelter and Ella Mae Everhart
Reid Woodrow Harvey
Rennie H Smith, Jr
Rev. Bill Sosebee and Louise Coleman
Rev. Charles B. Walker
Revonda Black Hedrick
Richard “Dickie” Swing
Richard Call
Richard Hanes
Richard Smith
Richard Switzer and Terry Bonnett
Richard Wayne Williams, Sr
Rita Isham
Rita Tussey
Robert “Buddy” Brown
Robert Brown
Robert Jordan
Robert M. Disher, Sr.
Robert Noor
Robert V. Yates
Robert Wayne Noor
Roger Sparks
Roland Eller
Ronald Byerly
Ronnie Allred
Ronnie L. Starbuck
Ronnie Steed
Rosalind C. Tussey
Rosie Austin
Rosie Cashatt Austin and Lochan Arjune
Ruby Bayliff
Ruby Painter
Ruenell Hammond
Ruth Swing
Sally Lang
Sammy Mashburn
Samuel Franklin Craven
Sandra Kepley
Sandra Lee Proctor Cole
Sandy Cole
Sarah Beeker
Sarah Lou McCrary
Shari Walser Herman
Sheila Allen
Sherry Lynn Rothrock Smith
Shirley and Steven Comer
Shirley Joyce Waterhouse
Shirley May Everhart Thomas
Shirley Thomas
Shirley Waterhouse
Sidney Max Smith
Sidney Underwood
Sophia Angelique Slotte
Stacy Weaver
Steve Garner
Steve Harvey
Steve Thomason
Steve Thornton
Stevie Garner
Sue Koonts
Sue Langford and Rick Aderhold
Sue Leonard Lamgford
Sue Shoaf Koonts
Susan Terry and Rod Penry
Sydney Underwood
Talmage Luffman
Tammy Hanner
Ted and Mildred Byerly
Ted Byerly
Terry Michael Sexton
Thad Dickerson
Thomas C. Freeman, Jr.
Thomas E. Bridges
Thomas Freeman Jr. – 10 years 8/9/10
Thomas Freeman Jr.’s 43rd Birthday, 7/29/2020
Thomas Hoover
Thomas Lee Hoover
To honor all mothers on Mother’s Day
Todd Hanes
Tom Dixon
Tom Mauney
Tommy Dixon
Tommy Freeman
Toni Jill Trotter
Tony Carriker Sr.
Tony Dukes
Tony Dukes & Mike Noah
Towers Dodd
Vernon Tysinger
Virgina Hill
Virginia Conrad Hill
Virginia Hill
Virginia Lynch
Virginia Nealey Norris
Virginia Nealy Norris
Virginia Norris
Virginia Roland Lynch
Virginia Root
Virginia Weaver Tetter
Vivian Hunt
Vivian Peacock Surratt
W. C. Hardwick and Susan Waller
Wanda Knote
Wayne Sneed
Wayne Turner
Wayne Williams
Wilda M Everhart
Wiley O’Neal Fayne
William “Bill” Yarbrough, Jr
William “Bucky” Prevette
William “Len” Prevette
William “Wayne” Turner
William (Hoyt) Ingram
William ‘Bill’ Lee Smith
William H. Ingram
William Howard Shipton
William Ingram
William Joseph Phifer, Jr.
William Lee Smith
William Shipton
William Smith
Willie Lookabill
Willie Maie Stone

2020 Honorariums

Audrey Everhart
Bellwoar Family
Beryl, Lewie & Ashley
Bill Roberts
Brad Owen & Family
Cameron Brooks
Carolyn Mobley
Charles & Amy Snyder
Cheryl & John
Connie Hartley
David & Ellen Welborn
Dr. & Mrs. Gordan Wright
Frank Howard Jones, Sr.
Gayle Smerznak
Hannah Huesman West
HODC Nurses
HODC Officers
HODC Staff
Ian and Talmadge Silversides
Jane & Bill Whitehurst
John & Carmen Shelton
John & Geryl Myers
Julee & Calvin Cunningham
Kathy & Mike Lewis
Kevin Essick
Larry Lee Hutchens
Laura Owens
Leah Ann Warren
Linda and Lohr Younts
Madeline Grace Warner
Margot Everhart
Mike & Faith Albert
Mike and Paula Turlington
Mildred Byerly
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Forrest
Mr. & Mrs. David Cook, Linda Cook and Patty Cook & Paul Frick
Mr. & Mrs. Sterling Wall and Chuck Wall
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Myers
Myra Cannon
Rebecca Moretz
Robin & Katherine Team
Rosie Cashatt Austin
Sandra Holshouser
Sherry O’Neill
Sparky Brooks
Steve & Cindy Ohms
Sue Barringer
Talmadge Silversides
The CNAs and Volunteers at Hospice of Davidson County
The Davila Family
Tonya Ragan
Tyler Beck
Virginia Hill
Walt & Tricia Rouse
Wayne Monk
WFBH Cancer Center – Lexington
William (Bill)Thurman Walser